Atkins Diet for Vegetarians – See How it Works

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In a study conducted on the consumption of low carbohydrate diet content, it was concluded that the intake of limited carbs, indeed, did make a difference. The participants were given specific patterns of consumption after which the results were recorded. Metabolic versions and differentiation were also noted with the primary outcome being a loss of body weight. Many weight loss regimens revolving around diet categorically recommend limiting carbohydrates. Of course, the success of each of these programs revolves around their adherence to prescribed diets.

It is absolutely true that vegan diets have the ability to lower the LDL-C or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, significantly. That being the case, vegetarian consumption routines are known to decrease the risk of CHD or coronary heart disease and improve the control of diabetes. The immediate source of vegetable proteins and fats are plant foods that also contribute to the augmentation of flow facilitated vasodilation and minimize serum lipids.

The above study effectively concluded that the Eco-Atkins diet was indeed led to bodyweight reduction when compared to a high-carb diet over a 6-month period.

Eco-Atkins, the Atkins diet for vegetarians, particularly designed for the vegan in you, was created by researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto. Conclusively, they determined that a high-protein and low carb vegetarian diet actually promoted weight loss and even reduced the bad cholesterol. The Eco-Atkins diet was formulated with a controlled ratio of protein and carbs that was similar to its non-vegetarian version except for the fact that vegetable protein replaced high-fat animal protein.

The Eco-Atkins diet works with certain macronutrient ratios while adding a little bit of variety.

43% plant fats + 31% daily calories from plant proteins + 26% from carbs

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The difference between the Eco-Atkins and Vegetarian diet forms

Atkins Diet for Vegetarians

Researchers at the Archives of Internal Medicine conducted relevant tests on two groups of people. One group followed a Lacto-vegetarian diet and the other group followed the vegan Eco-Atkins diet. The Lacto-vegetarian diet involved higher carbs and lower fats, while the Eco-Atkins diet categorically abided by the low-carb criteria. But, eventually, both the diets met the ‘low calorie’ benchmarks. It was concluded that both vegetarian diets did meet the high-protein criterion providing participants with the kind of calorie requirements allowed for exercise. The study lasted one month, and all participants were overweight. While both the groups lost weight with their modifications to the vegetarian diet, the group that sustained itself on the Eco-Atkins diet for vegetarians saw better outcomes. The low-fat vegetarian Atkins diet actually reduced their bad cholesterol and the ApoB- component related to heart disease significantly fell, when compared to the other group.

Even Atkins 100 is a great plan for vegans and vegetarians due to the component of extra protein obtained from eggs.

Customize your consumption with an assortment of nuts, legumes, soy products, and other proteins.


Most of the time, individuals choosing the Eco-Atkins diet for vegetarians, work around their protein intake by opting for eggs. The vegetarian Atkins diet revolves plant-based fats and proteins. But adding dairy products and eggs increases the cholesterol and saturated fat content adding a bit more variety to the food. Since plant-based foods including soy products are not highly protein-oriented, a replacement for meat can be comfortably found in seitan, a type of wheat gluten and nuts. Use non-dairy kinds of milk, grains, and vegetables to get small fillings of protein. Consumption of fiber-rich grains during the course of the Eco-Atkins diet such as oats and barley can provide you with the required carbohydrate content. Alternatively, you may also partake of fruits, and non-starchy vegetables, like eggplant and okra. Sources of healthy vegetarian fats are soy products, nuts, vegetable oil, and avocado. Which means you will be replacing your unhealthy fat consumption with healthy ones. You will also find heart-healthy options in omega-3 fatty acids. Choose your carbs sensibly and avoid starchy foods such as bread, rice, potatoes, and baked goods.

Following the Eco-Atkins Diet for vegetarians

Get creative: Stay compliant with plant proteins rather than animal proteins. Look up guides available on the Atkins website.

Recipes: There are many recipes available for the Eco-Atkins diet. Seek them out and prepare a delicious meal of say, cashew curry, chickpea soup, and vegetable burgers.

Options for eating out are limited: While there are no restrictions to your eating outside at a restaurant, you may want to choose between steamed vegetables, garden vegetable soup, entrée salads, and fresh fruit for dessert. Remember to stay away from cheese, croutons, and bits of bacon.

Plan your meals consciously: A great proverb – “Nobody will help you unless you help yourself” – diet, weight loss, and other fitness regimens, all work this way, and the Eco-Atkins diet is no different. Stay true to yourself and plan your meals responsibly. There are no guidebooks nor is there a customer service line that will help you.

You will always feel full: If there is one thing that the Eco-Atkins Diet for Vegetarians promises, it is good health. The diet routine places a lot of emphasis on nutrition and satiation. Hunger is seldom an issue with the Atkins vegetarian diet. All foods incorporated into the intake take a long time to digest such as legumes, whole grains, and beans. Which means you will remain full for longer periods of time. Subjects of the study by the Archives of Internal Medicine indicated that they always felt absolutely satisfied with their vegetarian meal choices. The Eco-Atkins ratings were high compared to the regular vegetarian diet that proffered higher carb intake.

It is tasty. The Eco-Atkins Diet for vegetarians recommends self-made meals. Therefore, it is up to you to ensure that the meal is tasty. Use tofu instead of poultry, black bean instead of steak burritos, and replace the meat in spaghetti sauce with beans.

How does the Atkins Diet for vegetarians work?

  • Always look for plant-based foods to get started on the regimen
  • Some good sources of proteins are vegetable sausages, veg burgers, and tofu turkey
  • An assortment of Asian cuisine should help you stick to your diets such as tempeh and seitan
  • Finally, choosing foods that are high in protein and low in fat, is the key – lentils and soybeans

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